Barrique Imports was founded in 2011 as an importer of limited production wines from small family estates across France. We have carefully selected each of our wines by forming relationships with individual vignerons.

Barrique is the French word for a wine barrel. Specifically it is an oak wine barrel, holding 220 Liters (59 gallons), traditionally used in Bordeaux and the southwest of France. There are few tools that a winemaker uses that are potentially as controversial than that of the simple oak barrel. As a symbol the barrel draws attention to the fact that making wine is a continuously evolving process. With each new vintage winemakers decide on whether to introduce new innovations, such as the barrique once was, or to stick with tried and true traditional methods.



At Barrique Imports we import wine from vignerons who understand the importance of finding a balance between tradition and innovation in order to make better wine. We import wine from producers who understand that work done in the cellar and in the vineyard are both part of a single effort: to make wine that best expresses a place, a terroir. Any work done in the vineyard and then in the cellar, whether or not this work be traditional or innovative, should be directed at letting terroir be expressed in the wine.

The first step to make wines with a focus on terroir is taking care of the vineyard itself. The domaines of our producers range from breezy hillsides to sunny slopes facing the sea, to ancient terraces cut by a river through a plateau. Under this geography are soils that range from pure schist to limestone, clay and marl. These geological beds are often covered by garrigue and pine forest that were at some point cut into to make room for vineyards. The combination of all of these elements makes up the terroir present today in these vineyards. This terroir is by no means guaranteed to last. Because of this we strongly believe in sustainability. At Barrique Imports we are interested in supporting genuinely beneficial environmental practices in any way we can. This means that we will support any way in which our producers choose to work towards sustainable methods, whether it be Biodynamics, certified organic production, 'Lutte Raisonee', or simply the belief of the winemaker that they know best how to care for their environment. Such responsible stewardship of the land does translate into the glass.

Another step in the effort to make wines that truly express a sense of place is the winemaking itself. Here our barrel comes back into play. At Barrique Imports we import from winemakers who understand the profoundly negative effect that over-manipulation of the wine in the cellar can have. Our producers embrace winemaking innovation judiciously. They are thoughtful individuals who are willing to experiment in order to make the best wine they can, but who never forget the relationship between grape-growing and wine-making.

We believe in our wine producers and in the wines that they make. They are truly terroir driven with distinct personality, a sense of place and a story behind them. We hope you enjoy them!

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